You CAN Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety!

Would You Like To Learn A Powerful Method To Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety, Inspiring Confidence And Enhancing Communication For A Healthier Parent And Child Bond?

If you are the parent of a child with anxiety, you know how debilitating and time consuming it can be to try and just accomplish every day tasks with a child who has anxiety.

You've probably looked into all sorts of options, from counseling to medications to alternative treatments, and your doctor may have recommended that you just wait for your child to
"grow out of it".

I know how you feel, because I used to be that pediatrician who gave advice and recommendations without much in the way of practical solutions or explanations that parents could really use.

My name is Dr Peter Hanfileti. I'm board certified in general pediatrics and I practiced for 6 years as a pediatrician in private practice in the 1990's. After that I became interested in the world of alternative medicine and the energy based explanations for symptoms and conditions that are otherwise hard to decipher and put together in a coherent manner.

Over the past 2 decades I have learned a great deal based on my interactions with kids and their families, and I have seen both the ramifications of unresolved anxiety conditions in older kids and adults, as well as the elation and satisfaction of seeing kids grow into confident young people.

Those kids who were successful had parents who found the information they needed to extinguish the anxiety producing nervous system patterns that originated when they were much younger.

While I am able to converse with parents one on one in my clinical practice, it is hard for anyone to remember what was discussed a week ago or a month ago or longer.

Focusing on solve this problem, I created the "Child Anxiety Solution Course" to provide a readily available resource or reference that parents can access in real time when they need it, and with the repetition and practice of the included exercises, scripts and worksheets, they will be able to help their child to overcome their anxiety and get back to the business of just being a kid again!

Introducing the

Child Anxiety Solution

An Online Course for Parents

Here's All You Get With This Course:

Lesson 1: Three Foundational Principles to Find the Solution to Your Child's Anxiety

In this lesson you will learn the importance of three key principles that relate to your child: Energy, the Brain and Nervous System, and Your Child's Blueprint. Once you understand these 3 things you will be well on your way to finding the answer to your child's anxiety. [Includes 3 Videos + Text]

Lesson 2: Five Core Concepts to Get You Closer to Solving Your Child's Anxiety

This lesson reveals 5 more concepts that are relevant to understanding your child: Energy Dynamics, Causation, Degree of Sensitivity, Time and Space Parameters and Your Role as Your Child's Parent. With these new understandings you will move faster and more confidently toward solving your child's anxiety issue. [Includes 2 Videos + Text]

Lesson 3: Say It! Think It! Feel It! Let's Get Some Practice Right Now!

In this lesson we get to the practical application of using crafted statements to encourage and guide your child in the process of breaking free from old energy patterns. As with any endeavor, the more practice you and your child put into this lesson, the quicker the results will follow! [Includes 1 Video, 1 Worksheet + Text]

Lesson 4: Your Child's Prenatal and Birth Experience May Influence Their Anxiety

This important lesson delves into the influence of your child's prenatal and birth experiences and the energy implications you need to know about. In this lesson you will learn how historical energy patterns can always be edited and re-framed by you for the benefit of your child. [Includes 2 Videos, 1 Worksheet + Text]

Lesson 5: Spleen Energy Dynamics Between Mother and Child

In this lesson we explore the important spleen energy dynamic between mother and child during infancy and toddlerhood and the fact that the energy pathway is a 2 way street. Fortunately you have the ability to change any erroneous spleen energy pattern that your child may have formed and thereby help them to take a huge step toward resolving their anxiety. [Includes 2 Videos, 1 Worksheet + Text]

Lesson 6: Liver Energy Dynamics Between Father and Child

This lesson introduces the importance of the pivotal role the liver energy plays in the relationship between fathers and their children. Dad's will learn simple techniques to guide their child away from making a common mistake that can contribute to anxiety. [Includes 2 Videos, 1 Worksheet + Text]

Lesson 7: The Contrast Technique: Emphasize Progress to Counteract Anxiety

In this practical lesson you will learn to use the Contrast Technique for your child, highlighting the progress they have already made through their own growth and development. By focusing your child's attention on their historical successes, they will naturally expect and move toward future accomplishments as a way to continue the pattern. [Includes 2 Videos, 1 Worksheet + Text]

Lesson 8: The Foreshadowing Technique: Opening Up to the Future

This lesson introduces the Foreshadowing Technique you can use to help your child anticipate future challenges and how they can overcome them. Having more options and possibilities feels more open and freeing to most kids, and this technique can help to neutralize old patterns of limitation your child no longer needs. [Includes 2 Videos, 1 Worksheet + Text]

Lesson 9: The Age Reciprocal Resonance Technique: Disentangle From Your Past

This lesson reveals the Age Reciprocal Resonance Technique you can use to neutralize energy entanglements for your child. Your experiences when you were your child's age can have an effect on them but there is an easy remedy to correct this mistake. We want your child to learn the valuable lessons you did growing up, while not spending their energy unnecessarily in your direction for any reason. [Includes 2 Videos, 1 Worksheet + Text]

Lesson 10: Summary and Course Recap: What Have You Learned?

In this final lesson we recount what you have learned about your child's anxiety and what you can do about it now. We then leave you with some final thoughts for you and your child to ponder going forward. [Includes Videos + Text]

See What Real Moms Who Have Taken This Course Are Saying:

Still Not Sure If The Child Anxiety Solution Course Is The Right Option For You?

This Course is right for you if...

  • You feel like you're failing as a parent.
  • You don't know what to do.
  • You definitely don't want to put your child on medication.
  • You're frustrated that you can't find a solution for them.
  • You are concerned about your child's growth and development.
  • You worry about your child's ability to learn and succeed in school.
  • You wonder if they will be able to reach their full potential.

What Makes Child Anxiety Solution Course Different From Other Approaches?

  • It's self-paced so you can go through each lesson whenever it is convenient
  • You don't have to take time off from work, school or spend time in the car traveling to get to yet another doctor's appointment
  • This information is at your fingertips to access or review "in the heat of the moment", so you have tools to use in real time
  • There are no mandatory products to buy or medicine to give your child and therefore no side effects to worry about
  • You don't have to attend any long drawn out counseling sessions that are time consuming and expensive
  • There's no need to try and remember information and exercises when you can simply access the course and printable worksheets at any time

After learning how to implement the techniques taught in this course:

  • You will feel like you're successful again at parenting and realize you always were.

  • You will have new found knowledge and skills that you know how to use.

  • You will have a broader perspective on how to best treat your child.

  • You will have found a solution that is individualized for your child.

  • You will have confidence that your child's growth and development is back on track.

  • You will be encouraged by your child's ability to learn and succeed in school again.

  • You will be able to reframe what it means for your child to reach their full potential.

Your Child Needs You!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How does your product work?

This is a common mistaken assumption that parents make because they are simply not aware of the energy dynamics at play between them and their child. This topic is addressed in the course and we give you plenty of opportunities to realize how much you do know and how much you can do for the benefit of your child.

I don’t have time to sit through the lessons online

These lessons are designed to read or listen at your own pace and on your own time schedule. You do not have to finish them all in one sitting. The advantage of this format is that you can refer back to the material when you need it, and I will be adding more content as it becomes available or as parents taking the course ask for more topics to be addressed.

My child is too young to understand what I’m trying to teach them so it probably won’t work for me

These lessons are designed to read or listen at your own pace and on your own time schedule. You do not have to finish them all in one sitting. The advantage of this format is that you can refer back to the material when you need it, and I will be adding more content as it becomes available or as parents taking the course ask for more topics to be addressed.

Anxiety runs in our family so it’s genetic and that won’t change will it?

Just because anxiety runs in your family does not mean your child is destined to suffer the same result. In fact, energy patterns are more likely to be passed down through generations along with certain predispositions, and nothing is set in stone when it comes to energy dynamics. One common side effect of taking a course like this on behalf of your child is that it stimulates questions in parents about their own childhood, and the beauty of the techniques you learn first for your child, is that you can adapt them and use them for yourself to finally extinguish old energy patterns that you may have been holding on to inadvertently for years.

I can’t be with my child during school and that is when their symptoms are most prominent so what good can I do?

The reason you can still make a difference in your child's experience while they are in school has to do with the preparation before school, the strategies during school hours, and the reinforcement that comes after school when you can discuss their day and how it went for them. In the energy paradigm, time and space are not limitations, meaning your child's energy connection to you is continuous and tends to be stronger the younger in age they are. This is another topic we delve into in the course and once you understand the ramifications of this concept it will open up numerous possibilities for you and your child.

Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety!

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